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  Charbay Meyer Lemon Vodka  ($27.99)   750 ml
Amazing lemon Flavor. Just what you need to make the best lemon drop you have ever had. [Item #508]
  Charbay Red Raspberry Vodka  ($27.99)   750 ml
[Item #495]
  Death's Dooor Vodka    750 ml
Hailing from Illinois’ northern border, Death’s Door Spirits creates certified-organic handcrafted spirits in Madison, WI. This artesian distillery got its name from the legendary passageway between Washington Island and the Door Peninsula in northern Wisconsin. Using sustainably grown red winter wheat, harvested exclusively on Washington Island, Death’s Door produces some terrifyingly high-quality liquor. Their small-batch, triple distilled vodka highlights the pure, clean taste of its exclusive ingredients. As described by the maker, the batch combines unique wheat with crisp, pure water to provide a sweet, wheaty bouquet, tasteful middle notes and a clean finish for your palate.
Clear. Pistachio nougat, sweet cream, and cream of wheat aromas have a wonderful toasted grain edge and follow through on a soft, supple entry to an off-dry medium body with dried cherry, raisin toast and vanilla accents. Finishes in a husky, nutshell, powdered sugar, tarragon, and peppery spice fade with a hint of vinyl. A fun, lively vodka that is sure to inspire flavorful cocktails or all types.
[Item #622]
  Dry Fly Distilling  ($34.99)   750 ml
Dry Fly Vodka----Flawless purity; clean as rainwater. The local grain base material is piquant, floral, and for wheat, surprisingly off-dry / sweetish, almost more like corn; additional air exposure brings out fragrances of sweetened breakfast cereal, faint vanilla, rose garden, and egg cream; a flirtatiously elusive bouquet that you can’t stay away from. Entry is rich, creamy, and vanilla laden; midpalate carries on with the textural richness and the vanilla aspect goes into a charming bean-like mode. Aftertaste is intensely bittersweet and lean, a nice balance to the fat creamy entry and midpalate [Item #148]
  Hangar One Vodka "Chipotle" Pepper  ($29.99)   750 ml
Made from a purple morita chile from Chihuahua. It produced a range of flavor none of us had ever experienced from pepper before. From the aroma to the finish, our chipotle spirit offers notes of dark chocolate, alder smoke, and warm, even heat. [Item #662]
  Hangar One Vodka "Kaffir Lime"  ($29.99)   750 ml
Kaffir lime. It’s an unlikely customer, bumpy and uglier than the limes we’re used to seeing. Kaffir has high aromatic oil content and intense flavor. When I began to infuse these limes together with the leaves, I tasted rich notes of wood, white pepper, and cucumber. The resulting spirit is like nothing we’ve ever tasted - unmistakably lime, and endlessly complex [Item #661]

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