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  1987 Exclusive Malts Bunnahabhain 26 Year Old 47.8%Alc  ($259.99)   750 ml
This cask from the Bunnahabhain Distillery has been maturing quietly for over 26 years. In that time, the oak has given the whisky a golden glow and a rich, dessert-like flavor. Time does not suit all malt whiskies but this cask has matured slowly allowing a gradual depth of flavor [Item #770]
  1989 Exclusive Malts Speyside 25 year old 48.8% Alc.  ($224.99)   750 ml
This single barrel of malt whisky is taken from a secret distillery in Speyside. Famed for its honey-richness and soft fruits, this casks does not disappoint. Distilled March 13, 1989. Bottled March 2014. One of 186 bottles [Item #469]
  1991 Signatory Royal Lochnagar  ($94.99)   750 ml
16 Year Old 43% Alc. [Item #547]
  1993 Murray McDavid Glenlossie  ($79.99)   750 ml
[Item #283]
  1995 Gordon & MacPhail Connoisseurs Choice 10yr Old Caol Ila  ($59.99)   750 ml
[Item #398]
  2000 Exclusive Malts Ardmore 14 year old 54.3 ALC.  ($144.99)   750 ml
There was a time when all of the malt whisky made in Scotland was made using barley that had been dried over a peat fire, meaning the whisky was smoky. While this tradition slowly diminished with the production of coal, there are a few distilleries that continue to produce smoky on the mainland. Ardmore is one such distillery and this heavily [Item #234]
  2005 Exclusive Malts Ledaig 8 Year Old 56.7% Alc  ($99.99)   750 ml
The Exclusive Malts Ledaig 8 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky was distilled on November 8, 2005 and matured in a traditional oak cask (Cask No. 9) that was laid to rest in an ancient vault on the Isle of Mull. In March 2014 - after an eight year slumber - the whisky was bottled at cask strength. It has a bright, golden color with an aroma of smoke, salt and seaweed. Notes of fresh ocean air, mint chocolates and citrus dominate the palate, and lead to a finish accented by touches of tang. Only 300 bottles of this single malt have ever been produced. Pick up a bottle today! [Item #505]
  Ardbeg 10 Year Old  ($54.99)   750 ml
93 Points Malt Advocate Straw-gold color. On the nose, sweet toffee, citrus notes, seaweed, and spice complement a powerful peat smoke infusion. In body, it is thick and oily. On the palate, a somewhat sweet maltiness up front is run over by a powerful peat smoke locomotive. Again, the whisky is enriched with citrus and pear notes, spice, and seaweed. The finish is powerful, long, and warming. The smoke lingers for minutes, if not hours

4 Stars Brilliant pale straw color, which is very much unexpected for a Whisky aged in wood for 10 years. The nose is quite assertive (in classic Ardbeg style) leaping up from the glass as it sits on the table. Aromas of concentrated peat with accents of iodine, evergreen shrubs, sweet malt, and campfire. The palate is dry while semi-viscous with waves of peat, toasted barley and malt, and smoked meats. It finishes with a sprite and dry flash of acidity with trailing campfire notes. A cult favorite
[Item #308]
  Ardbeg Corryvreckan Sold Out    750 ml
Scotch Whisky: Single Malt of the Year: Ardbeg Corryvreckan
96 PTS Malt Advocate
Powerful, muscular, well-textured, and invigorating. Even within the realm of Ardbeg, this one stands out. The more aggressive notes of coal tar, damp kiln, anise and smoked seaweed are supported by an array of fruit (black raspberry, black cherry, plum), dark chocolate, espresso, molasses, bacon fat, kalamata olive, and warming cinnamon on the finish. Quite stunning
[Item #462]
  Ardbeg Uigeadail  ($89.99)   750 ml
95 Points Malt Advocate With the Ardbeg 17 year old off the market, itís nice to see a new Ardbeg in the line-up. Uigeadail costs about the same as the Ardbeg 17 did but, with Uigeadail, youíre getting a much more interesting whisky. Uigeadail consists of a marriage of younger whisky (from 1990 and 1993) with much older whisky matured in sherry casks. The marriage works exceptionally well, with the younger whiskies providing the classic Ardbeg intensity many of us have come to expect, while the older whiskies contribute depth, maturity, and complexity. And bottling the whisky at cask-strength without chill-filtration ensures that none of the flavors are stripped out. This is an incredibly complex Islay whisky, with its bonfire smoke, brine, and peppered olive notes balanced by a taming sweetness of vanilla, marshmallow, and toffee. Interwoven notes of candied fruit and sugared almonds round out the palate. Incredibly long finish.

5 stars Bright amber color. The nose is wonderfully rich and complex offering a perfect marriage of peat and smoke with dense malt, roasted nuts, sweet Sherry, and vanilla cream. The palate echoes the nose delivering waves of concentrated baked apples and pears with accents of peat smoke, robusto cigar, vanilla bean, and roasted almonds. This great Whisky is both a beauty and a beast proving the pungency can be nuanced and contemplative. Amazing
[Item #307]
  Compass Box  ($239.99)   750 ml
Box Hedonism Maximus Blended Grain Scotch Whisky : A reserve version of our classic grain whisky Hedonism, you will find that Hedonism Maximus has similar character, but the flavours are much deeper, even sweeter and much more intense given the very old age of the whiskies chosen. For Hedonism Maximus we have used 42 year-old whisky from the Invergordon distillery in the northern Highlands, and complemented it with 29 year-old whisky distilled at Cameron Bridge in Fife, Scotlandís oldest continuously operating distillery. The result is a truly rare and truly remarkable whisky for the serious Scotch whisky hedonist. OLNY 1500 bottles produced [Item #736]
  Dun Bheagan 10yr Old Caol Ila  ($57.99)   750 ml
[Item #306]
  Exclusive Malts Glenrothes 18 year old 52.3% Alc  ($154.99)   750 ml
Aged 18 years in oak casks. Distilled at the Glenrothes Distillery in Speyside. Distilled March 1996 and bottled in March 2014. Cask number 3129 and one of 294 bottles [Item #771]
  Glenfarclas 12yr Old  ($49.99)   750 ml
[Item #395]
  Gordon and Macphail  ($84.99)   750 ml
Mortlach 15 Year Single Speyside Malt :The nose is rich with cereal sweetness and warm barley. Apple blossom rises without effort and notes of malmsey and stewed fruits and Christmas punch emerge with spice and muffin. The palate is quite full and quite sweet. The cereal notes return with a syrupy texture. Shades of sherried sultanas and notes of freshly cut fruit salad, hints of toasty oak with obligatory vanilla spice and peppery warmth. The finish is long with the fruit and spice rising readily from the oak. [Item #739]
  Gordon Macphail Connoisseurs Choice  ($74.99)   750 ml
10 Year Old Caol Ila [Item #738]
  Gordon MacPhail Smith's orginal Lable Glenlivet  ($84.99)   750 ml
15 Year Old 46% alc. [Item #558]
  Hart Brothers Bowmore 13 Year Old  ($54.99)   750 ml
[Item #670]
  Hart Brothers Caol Ila 10 Year Old  ($39.99)   750 ml
Caol Ila distillery pronounced Cull-eela, meaning Sound of Islay, is situated on the East coast of Islay, in the most peaceful part of the island overlooking the Isle of Jura. It is thought to have been built around 1846. The distillery sources its water from Loch Torrabus, a Loch considered to hold the purest water on the island. Caol Ila is a main component of Johnnie Walker and Bells and only a small quantity finds its way onto the market through Independent Malt Whisky Bottlers. The Caol Ila malt is one of the top malts produced on the island due to its location it does not have the brutal in your face flavours of the traditional Islay malt [Item #671]
  Hart Brothers Dailuaine 17 Year Old  ($99.99)   750 ml
[Item #672]
  Hart Brothers Glen Elgin 19 Year Old  ($174.99)   750 ml
Glen Elgin was established in 1898 in the Highland malt whisky town of Elgin. Its water comes from the springs in Glen Rothes. Glen Elgin is considered a sweetish Speyside malt and is an important constituent of the White Horse blended whisky [Item #674]
  Hart Brothers Glen Rothes 10 Year Old  ($64.99)   750 ml
[Item #675]
  Hart Brothers Highland Park 11 Year Old  ($59.99)   750 ml
[Item #676]
  Hart Brothers Laphroaig 11 Year Old  ($74.99)   750 ml
[Item #678]
  Hart Brothers Macallan 15 Year Old  ($79.99)   750 ml
A medium to full bodied Scotch from the world renowned Hart Brothers. A sweet nose of banana and butterscotch is followed up by a dry floral palate [Item #681]
  Hart Brothers Mortlach 12 Year Old  ($64.99)   750 ml
Sherry Wood [Item #683]
  Hart Brothers Springbank 12 Year Old  ($89.99)   750 ml
Nose: Sweet, some brine, very subtle peat, burnt vanilla, fresh Body: Chewy, very flavorful Finish: Very dry, peat smoke, long and satisfyingly warm with a little kick. [Item #685]
  The Arran Malt Distillery  ($69.99)   750 ml
Arran 14 Year Old : The 2010 release from Arran, the 14 year old replaces the previous benchmark, the 12. This was finished in fresh bourbon and sherry hogsheads 2 years before it was bottled. The result is a sweet, fruity arran with all that wonderful malt we love! [Item #724]
  The Arran Malt Distillery  ($99.99)   750 ml
Limited Edition A. Hardy Napoleon Cognac Cask Finish [Item #726]
  The Arran Malt Distillery  ($79.99)   750 ml
Limited Edition Lepanto PX Brandy Cask Finish: Aroma: Sweet oak & mint-toffee. Palate: Melon dusted with ginger. Cinnamon creams. A harmonious blend of spices and tangy fruit backed by just a hint of oak to knit all the components together. Finish: The full range of spicy/sweet flavours interlock perfectly to provide a mellow, contemplative finish to this delightful dram. [Item #727]
  The Arran Malt Distillery  ($79.99)   750 ml
Madeira Cask Finish : This Isle of Arran whisky exhibits all of the spicy, malty flavours one associates with Christmas, finished as it was in a cask which previously held Madeira. [Item #728]
  The Arran Malt Distillery  ($79.99)   750 ml
Single Sherry Cask, (Cask#69), 1998 Vintage: Predominantly fruityóthe sherry cask is obvious, but itís not heavy or dominant. Clean, bright orchard fruit blends in nicely with strawberry rhubarb pie, light toffee, dates, dark chocolate and polished oak. Long, soothing, oily finish. Another solid effort from this young distillery. [Item #729]
  The Arran Malt Distillery  ($79.99)   750 ml
Port Cask Finish : Deep Bronze, with aromas of Vanilla spice and ripe citrus running into dried fruits and nuttiness. With a splash of water more depth of mandarin citrus with fudge and honeyed notes. Palate: Layered fruits and spice combine, with cinnamon baked apple wrestling with raisin and plum pudding. The dram opens out to reveal warming barley and a hint of sweet pear. Finish: A classic Single Malt with punch that dances on the palate. The trademark Arran barley-sweetness shines through the layers of complexity. [Item #731]
  The BenRiach 20 Year Old  ($114.99)   750 ml
[Item #372]
  The McGibbon's Provenance  ($89.99)   750 ml
1990 14 year old Caol Ila Un Chill filtered Single Malt: #2 barrel bottling. Distilled 1990 bottled 2004. [Item #737]

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