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  Casoni Limoncello Di Sorrento  ($24.99)  
[Item #565]
  Cointreau   ($17.99)   375 ml
[Item #52]
  Cointreau   ($34.99)   750 ml
[Item #53]
  Disaronno  ($22.99)   750 ml
[Item #407]
  Domaine De Canton Ginger Congac  ($34.99)   750 ml
[Item #412]
  Dumante Verdenoce Pistachio Liquor  ($36.99)   750 ml
[Item #633]
  El Dorado Golden Rum Cream  ($19.99)   750 ml
[Item #556]
  Elie Arnaud Denoix Liquer de Poire   ($59.99)   375 ml
[Item #57]
  Extase  ($55.99)   750 ml
Liqueur D'Orange Cognac XO [Item #538]
  Faretti  ($34.99)   750 ml
Biscotti Famosi Biscotti Liqueur [Item #539]
  Frangelico  ($22.99)   750 ml
[Item #619]
  Glayva Liqueur Sold OUT    750 ml
If you have ever had the opportunity to try Lochan Ora this is as close as we have ever had to that amazing liquore. With a slight more sweetnes this is the perfect evenig sipper or after dinner drink. The smooth and mellow Scotch wkisky liqueur made in Scotland to an ancient recipe using the finest Scotch whiskies, wild heather honey and herbs. and the back label: Glayva is unique -- a blend of the finest selected Scotch whiskies, each chosen for its smoothness, mellowness and maturity, which are then married carefully with a rich variety of natural herbs, honeys and flavourings to achieve the distinctive and original taste which which is its hallmark and which has pleased and attracted so many. [Item #496]
  Grand Marnier   ($18.99)   375 ml
[Item #61]
  Granier Mon Pastis   ($19.99)  
[Item #63]
  Jean Paul Mette Spiritueux de Café  ($39.99)   375 ml
Grape Spirits distilled with Coffee [Item #506]
  Jean Paul Mette Spiritueux de Cannelle  ($39.99)   375 ml
Grape Spirits distilled with Cinnamon [Item #500]
  Jean Paul Mette Spiritueux de Mandarine  ($39.99)   375 ml
Grape Spirits distilled with Mandarins [Item #468]
  Jean Paul Mette Spiritueux de Truffle du Perigord  ($99.99)   375 ml
[Item #471]
  Kahlua   ($11.99)   375 ml
[Item #65]
  Lazzaroni Amaretto  ($24.99)   750 ml
[Item #489]
  Lazzaroni Sambuca  ($24.99)   750 ml
[Item #265]
  Lazzaroni Limoncello  ($24.99)   750 ml
[Item #543]
  Licor 43   ($24.99)   750 ml
[Item #68]
  Lillet  ($19.99)   750 ml
Aperitif de France [Item #541]
  Lochan Ora SOLD OUT    700 ml
SOLD OUT [Item #69]
  Marie Brizard  ($23.99)   750 ml
Anisette Liqueur [Item #540]
  Peyrot Mure au Liqour  ($99.99)   750 ml
[Item #756]
  Prunier Liqueur d'Orange  ($21.99)   750 ml
[Item #229]
  Sazerac Herbsaint  ($34.99)   750 ml
The Spirit of New Orleans as Sazerac bottles the orginal recipe as developed by J. Marion Legendre orginal back in 1934. [Item #519]
  St George Absinthe Vert  ($79.99)   750 ml
St. George Spirits Absinthe Verte is made with fine brandy, star anise, mint, wormwood, lemon balm, hyssop, meadowsweet, basil, fennel, tarragon and stinging nettles. This infamous liquor reveals seductive flavors of anise complimented with sweet grassy tones, light citrus, white pepper, and light menthol notes. [Item #501]
  St. George Aqua Perfecta Framboise Eau De Vier  ($35.99)   375 ml
[Item #365]
  St. George Aqua Perfecta Framboise Liqueur  ($19.99)   375 ml
[Item #337]
  St. George Aqua Perfecta Kirsch Eau De Vie  ($35.99)   375 ml
[Item #363]
  St. George Aqua Perfecta Williams Pear Liqueur  ($19.99)   375 ml
[Item #364]
  Torres  ($24.99)   750 ml
Oragne Liqueur [Item #554]
  Trenel Crème de Framboise  ($29.99)   750 ml
Raspberry Liqueur [Item #427]
  Trenel Crème de Peche  ($29.99)   750 ml
Peach Liqueur [Item #428]
  Vana Tallinn ------- SOLD OUT   
Vana Tallinn is a dark brown strong liqueur with a mild rum taste. The liqueur has a vanillin, slightly exotic and velvety taste, characterized by several natural ingredients, including citrus oils, cinnamon, vanilla, as well as rum. This is one that needs to be tasted to uinderstand how great it is. [Item #575]
  Villa Marzia (Santori) Limoncello  ($24.99)   750 ml
[Item #615]

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